An Embodiment of Heritage

The century-old ornamented legacy of Bangur Group is a tale for the ages. From a modest start in Didwana, Rajasthan, the family-owned business has expanded over the years, and currently owns a value chain of several high-growth companies. From paper & pulp manufacturing to tea production, and from fiber cable manufacturing to energy & power, Bangur Group has presence in diverse industry verticals. At present, S.K. Bangur Group is one of the leading  business houses in India.

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S.K. Bangur Group
Growing from Strength to Strength


Years Of Trusted Legacy

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More than a century back, the able hands of Mugneeram Bangur and Ram Coowar Bangur laid the foundation stone of the Bangur Group. From the region of saltwater lakes of Didwana in Rajasthan, the family shifted their base to the busy lanes of Kalakar Street in the erstwhile Calcutta. Over the span of decades, the family has held on to its core values, on which their glorious legacy empire has stood tall for years aplenty amidst the skylines of the City of Joy.

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S.K. Bangur Group is among the top diversified business conglomerates in India. We bring companies from different verticals under an unified leadership.

A Pillar Of Responsibility

Through decades, S.K. Bangur Group has taken positive actions that touch the lives of everyone. We constantly nurture the ‘culture of giving’, to empower people and instill trust, confidence & faith in them. From building, renovating & upgrading dharamshalas at 16+ pilgrim spots, to feeding the poor & providing medical, financial & academic assistance to the needy – we do it all. At Didwana (Rajasthan) where it all began, we have built several schools & hospitals too.

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Right since its inception, the S.K. Bangur Group has envisioned the creation of a better community. We believe in working responsibly, fulfilling commitments, and doing the greater good for everyone. If you wish to experience the sheer cultural richness and sincerity that are the hallmarks of our family-owned businesses, we welcome you.

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