Making A Mark.
For Generations.

From 19th century, the Bangur family has been constantly laying down the marker for business excellence.
Each generation has stayed true to the visions, principles & values that the family has always stood for.
From relatively modest beginnings, the S.K. Bangur Group is currently among the top diversified businesses
in India – and the sheer passion, unwavering determination and hard work of the family-members have been
the driving forces behind this sustained growth. The spark has only grown brighter over time.

Tracing The Growth Path​

The name of Mugneeram Bangur – who came from Didwana (Rajasthan) to Kolkata (West Bengal) in the early 19th century – is firmly etched in the family history as the true founder of what is currently the majestic ‘Bangur Empire’. Govind Lal Bangur, the son of Mugneeram, took over the baton, oversaw more business growth, and handed things over to his sons Rangnath Bangur and Narsingh Das Bangur. Rangnath Bangur’s son Shree Kumar Bangur (S.K. Bangur) has been at the helm of the S.K. Bangur Group. The next generation is also actively involved, to take the proud legacy of the S.K. Bangur family forward.

Key Milestones of Undivided Bangur Group

  • First venture in the textile business in Rajasthan. The now-famous Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills (MSUM) was established in 1918. It was set up to revolutionise the entire clothing sector. The Maharaja Umaid commissioned the mills, which continues to set standards to this day.
  • Start of brokerage business in the Bengal jute sector.
  • Three jute mills in West Bengal – at Hastings, Fort William and Fort Gloster – set up.
  • Business ventures in others states namely AP, MP, Gujrat, TN, Karnataka, Kerala & Mumbai kickstarted. Bangur Group successfully involved in textile, synthetics, bank, shipping, paper, cement, asbestos, graphite, tea, coffee and power cables sectors among others.

A Proud Lineage

Across generations, members of the Bangur family have continuously endeavoured to challenge hurdles,
maintain business standards and attain excellence. Motivation & direction have never been in short supply
for the Bangurs – and the family is all set to keep rewriting history as they move forward.