Kilkotagiri and Thirumbadi Plantations

Kilkotagiri and Thirumbadi Plantations specialises in quality tea production and building better environments & better lives for everyone.

Gloster Cables Limited

Incorporated in 1995, Gloster Cables Limited has made progressive advancement in its infrastructural capacities & market reach.

West Coast Optilinks Limited

West Coast Optilinks is a leading manufacturer of optical fiber cables in India. The company started its commercial production in 1996

West Coast Paper Mills

West Coast Paper Mills Ltd is one of the global leader, pioneer for using advanced technology in paper manufracturing industry.

Jayshree Chemicals Limited

Jayshree Chemicals Ltd is involved in wind power generation, chemical trading and import-export business.

Andhra Paper Limited

Established in 1964, Andhra Paper Limited is currently one of the biggest integrated paper and pulp manufacturers in India.

Uniply Decor Limited

As a part of our Group’s expansion plan, we are proud to announce that Uniply Decor Limited has been acquired by West Coast Paper Mills, a member of the SK Bangur Group, in September 2023.